THE FRENCH MAFIA MEMORY BOOK   1967- 1980 (perso)

"  We where young and the contrast then between Paris and New York was much stronger,  New York welcomed us with generosity and being assured that by working hard , we  could win. New York pushes you to the top, it can also let you down... Every week end Pierre Houles and I were going to  concerts, exhibitions, museums, demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, or for the legalization of marijuana , games in Central Park. Whe had known Isi Veleris  who had his own studio on Park avenue south were we squatted for many years with Guy Bourdin , before we moved to Carnegie Hall with Pierre.There we met artists like  Bill Cuningham , Editta Sherman. We were a few such as the artists we mixed with in the evening at Max’Kansas city, Chamberlain, Wharhol, Ultra Violet, Jim Morrison we all simply desired to exist and express ourselves. In1969, the man on the moon which from New York surprised very little , so many things were happening, sexual liberation, music festivals in Central Park, Woodstock and many others around New York. . Our friend Antonio Lopez  was always surrounded by a group of models he used for his drawings Christie Brinkley, Pat Cleveland, Dona Jordan, Jane Forth, Cathy Dahmen, Jerry Hall... Sometimes we went back to Paris  to be with friends again and rediscover food. At that time  more  French arrived in New York photographers, hairdressers, make up artists, friends : Patrick Demarchelier, Mike Reinhardt, Duc, Jean Creuse, Gilles Bensimon, Jacques Davis, Guy Bourdin, Guy Le Baube, André Carrara, Alex Chatelain, Louise Despointes Viviane Fauny. ...I forgot a few and hope they will excuse me.                                         

We were called "THE FRENCH MAFIA"  in the small world of fashion. We went our own way professionally which separated us but all our souvenirs are still very much present and we keep the contact. "

(interview of Claude Guillaumin by Jean Jacques Naudet for L'oeil de la

Claude Guillaumin - San Farncisco - 1967 -

1) Patrick Demarchelier 2) Pierre Houles, Editta Sherman, Claude Guillaumin (Carnegie Hall ) - 1970 -

Antonio Lopez (down left ) - Gilles Bensimon, Grace Coddington, Mike Reinhart (right) - 1970 -

1) Patrick Demarhelier, Gilles Bensimon , Pierre Houles   2) Janice Dickinson  - 1970 -

1)Pierre Houles, Cathee Danhem, Cmaude Guillaumin  2) Pierre Houles and girl friend Christie Brinkley  3)Top Model Christie Brinkley

Gilles Bensimon, Pierre Houles, Janice Dickinson - LongIsland- 1972 -

Pierre Houles, Gilles Bensimon, Nicole Crassat (fashion editor), Chris Aubry (assistant) and Girls - 1973 -

Patrick Demarchelier and Baby Arthur - 1975 -

Claude Guillaumin , André Carrara  -1980 -

1- John Casablancas and his girls / Elite Models Agency Founder and Top Models  for Elle Magazine by Claude Guillaumin  - 1978 -

2- Claude Guillaumin & Jean Marc Maniatis (dressing up photgrapher and hairartist)  shot by GUY BOURDIN - 1973 -