In 1969 Claude Guillaumin moves to Carnegie Hall , the emblematic landmark of New York City’s artistic life. There, he meets photographers such as Bill Cunningham, Art Kane, Editta Sherman, and models such as Christie Brinkley,Pat Cleveland... The fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez introduces him to the fashionable Puerto Rican community at the time. Bill Cunningham subleted one of his studio ,the 1215, to Claude and Pierre Houles for 90$ each. Canergie Hall was a small world very few people lived there. Antonio Lopez and Juan, Art Kane, Editta Sherman and her photo studio and Bill Cunningham cycling in the hallways were you crossed Ballet dancers and models. Next to the concert hall were  danse , theater, singing classes also photo studios,and art studios. It had a strong artistic dynamic. It was the beginning of an easy life, pleasant, fascinating involved in many events.

The 70s saw the arrival of Patrick Demarchelier, Gilles Bensimon, André Carrara, Mike Reinhardt, Alex Chatelain.… A joyful bunch of friends starting together. Isi Veleris, already installed in his own photo studio on Park Ave South becomes the center of the “French Mafia” as they are called at the time in the American fashion world. Guy Bourdin utilizes the studio  when he where in NYC. Very quickly, Claude assists him and a new friendship is born. These early years from 1967 to the midle 70s, are a positive step for the young group of “Frenchies”. The American culture being so different than European culture. They are immersed in a multitude of artistic events and civil protests. It is a time of intense discovery for them; a permanent buzz in the universe of Art, Rock and Roll and the sexual liberation of women.


Carnegie Door  Man - 12nd Floor Studios - 1967 - by Claude Guillaumin

Pierre Houles,  Cathee Dahmen,  Claude Guillaumin at the Studio - 1967 - by Isi Veleris

Claude Guillaumin - Central Park 1971 - by Caroline Van De Velde (fashion editor)

Patrick Demarchelier  in his studio - 1971 - by Claude Guillaumin

Editta Sherman on couch in her studio  - 1971 - by Claude Guillaumin

Bill Cuningham in his studio - 1969 - by Claude Guillaumin

Patrick Demarchelier (left), Gilles Bensimon(center), Pierre Houles(right)  in central park - 1970 - by Claude Guillaumin

Bill Cuningham, Carnegie Coridor - 1969 - by Caude Guillaumin

Gilles Bensimon, Mike Reinhart, Pierre Houles and Janice Dickinson - Long Island - 1972 - by Claude Guillaumin

1)Patrick Demarchelier in his Studio - 1970  by Claude guillaumin    2 )Pierre Houles, Editta Sheramn, Claude Guillaumin - 1969  by Bill Cuningham


Editta Shermann - 1969 -

Bill Cuningham - 1970 - by Claude Guillaumin